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The archipelago of Bocas del Toro is located on the northwestern coast of Panama.

This chain of islands is only now being discovered and retains much of it’s pristine and untouched splendor. It is a paradise for boaters, divers, surfers, and outdoor lovers with healthy coral reefs, in shore and off shore fishing, surf breaks for all ability levels, boating, kayaking, snorkeling, and isolated, sandy beaches.


Map of Bocas del Toro Islands


Traveling to Bocas, as the locals call it, can either be as simple as taking a 60-minute flight from Panama City or as adventurous as going over land by bus and water taxi. Either way, it is a destination unlike any other in Panama. The town of Bocas Del Toro is the capital of the province, which is also named Bocas Del Toro. The city is located on Isla Colon, one of the largest and northern most islands in the archipelago.


Map of Bocas del Toro archipelago

Bocas Del Toro is a dynamic and sought-after area. Changes are taking place all over town. Over the past few years the entire province has seen the beginnings of a boom. Many new resorts, hotels, and restaurants are currently under construction.

Streets and roads, and the water and electrical systems are being upgraded and daily. We ask your patience and understanding with these matters, as the residents of the islands and Province have been waiting many years for this progress.

The town now boasts of dive shops, many different styles of restaurants, a deep-sea fishing outfit, tour operators, language schools, and gift shops. Hotel Lula’s is also home to Bocas Surf School.

The Panamanian culture and the Caribbean influence mix in Bocas Del Toro to form a tranquil and laid back lifestyle. Although English is spoken here, it should not be expected as Spanish is the official language. The eclectic mix of people provide for huge celebrations, many lasting all night. Christmas, New Years, Carnival, and the Sea Fair are the four main festivals with loud and continuous celebrations, in which locals take refuge from the daily grind to celebrate with family and friends.


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